Monday, April 21, 2014

How to implement the latest version of the Visionary Viewer 8

There you are, busily creating content for your clients with the Auto-Syncer and V-Print CR; but you are still sending out the old version of the Visionary Viewer 8.

How can you incorporate the latest version of the Viewer 8 for the best use by your clients?

It's simple, really.

Depending on which version of which of the production tools software you use; there will be one or two files to replace.

First, download the latest version of the Visionary Viewer 8 from this link.

Once the file has downloaded you may need to clear any odd permissions attached to it by your computer.  Right click on the file and choose Properties.  Some times there will be an Unblock option in the Attributes area of the General tab.  Windows sometimes applies this "Block" to files that are downloaded from the internet.

Since the file that you just downloaded is named correctly we only have to copy it to the correct location, over-writing the existing file.

So, right click on this newly downloaded file and choose Copy.

Using your favorite directory explorer program; such as Windows Explorer or My Computer, choose your c:\ drive.

Once at your c:\ drive you will need to get into the "Program Files (x86)" directory.  If you do NOT see either a "Program Files (x86)"  or a "Program Files" directory in your c:\ drive; you will need to work with your tech people to make it visible.

Once you are in this directory, open the Visionary directory.

There will be one or two directories that we are interested in:

  • Viewer CD Template
  • Visionary Viewer CD Template
Within each of these directories will be a directory called "Visionary Viewer".  We want to Paste the downloaded file into this directory.  You should get a warning about an existing file.  We want to over-write the existing file with this new one.

Once that has been completed, close your directory explorer and launch your Visionary software.

Now using the Layout CD/DVD from within the Auto-Syncer or using the Delivery tab from within V-Print CR; you will be delivering the latest version of the Visionary Viewer 8 to your clients.

Of course you can use the file that you downloaded to update your own version of the Visionary Viewer 8.

Following the above steps will not affect any previous work completed, any on-going jobs or any future projects.