Friday, April 8, 2011

Use of the Visionary 8 Professional QuickSync Feature

The QuickSync feature in Visionary 8 Professional allows the creation of text-to-video synchronized depositions.

First, what do you need?

Visionary 8 Professional, installed and registered, obviously.

The Visionary Auto-Syncer.  This ONLY needs to be installed.  You cannot register it if you have Visionary 8 Professional

An electronic text copy of the transcript.  This should be an ASCII text file, in the Amicus format.

The media files in MPEG-1 format, VCD standard. (Your videographer should be providing you with these files. If they are providing you with anything else except VCD standard mpeg-1 files, they are doing you a tremendous dis-service.)

With those prerequisites set, we are ready to start.

Launch Visionary and open your case.

Use the File, Import, Transcript option. 
  1. Browse to, select and Open the ASCII transcript.
  2. Enter the First and Last names of the Deponent.  Ensure the spelling is correct.
  3. Enter the Date of the deposition.  Again, ensure the information is correct.
  4. Click the Import button.

If you do not see your deponent listed, in the Visionary Shortcut bar, Case Explorer portion, click the Refresh Case Explorer button (looks kind of like the Green Recycle icon).

Click the plus sign in front of your deponent and double click the date of the deposition to open the transcript.

Next, copy the video files to the <drive letter>:\vs_data\CaseID\video directory.

Now choose QuickSync, Sync.

In the Select Deposition for Syncing window, use the drop down list to choose your new deposition.  Click Ok.

The Auto-Syncer launches with this deposition loaded.

We are now on step three of the Auto-Syncing process.
  1. Associate your video files.
  2. Sync the deposition.
  3. QC the project.
  4. Publish the depo.

Click the To Visionary button to load the synced depo back into your case.  You will receive a message about replacing an existing depo, choose yes.

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