Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to clear the "frame greater than video end" message

This issue may also be seen when you try to publish "The frame values of some sync points are greater than the end frame values of video files."

These messages indicate that the Auto-Syncer thinks one of the video files is (for instance) five minutes long, but you have a timestamp of (for instance) six minutes.  One of the checks in the Auto-Syncer is looking for logical consistency.  We know that having a timestamp that exceeds the length of the video file is not possible, and we pass along these messages.

The most common cause of this issue is replacing a video file with a re-rendered one that is shorter, after the syncing has been done.  A second cause is the value in the End Frame field has become incorrect.

To solve the first issue, simply re-sync the last portion of the video file in question.

To solve the second issue, choose the "Edit video file properties" for the file in question.  In this window you will see the End frame: field.  It is most likely incorrect.  Click on the Reset button to set it correctly.  If the Reset button is unable to set the correct value, use the Browse button (the one with the three dots) to reassociate the video file.  That process will cause the Auto-Syncer to ask the Operating System for the video file length and should cause the correct value to be used in the End frame: field.

Once the appropriate process has been completed, you should no longer receive the "end frame" message.

If neither process works, please contact Visionary support via email or our web site.


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