Monday, December 8, 2014

Populate the Visionary Case Selection Screen from a File System Backup

So you’ve been a responsible, computer literate person and have been making file system backups of your computers and your computer with Visionary 8 installed has become inoperable.

What do you do to get all your Visionary cases back onto your new computer?

You know that using a Case Backup file (.vbk) is the best means of restoring a case to a new location, but you have File System backups instead.

What to do?

Step one

It’s actually quite easy to get your old cases onto your new computer.  Follow these steps and you will be operational.

Launch Visionary 8 on your new computer.

Set your data drive to your new chosen drive (most likely c:\).

Let Visionary 8 prep the drive (creates a “vs_data” directory and adds the necessary databases.)

Now copy over all the CaseID directories to the newly created vs_data directory on your new drive.

It should look like this (your cases will obviously be different):


Step two

From the Visionary 8 Case Selection screen, choose Create.

Fill in the Case Title field.

Enter the existing (from your vs_data directory) CaseID (in my example that would be “Wild1”).

Then click Next.

Visionary 8 will indicate that it found a directory for your CaseID and will use any pre-existing databases.

Click OK.

Click Next to the default import locations screen, image database and Case configuration screens.

Your case will open in the same condition it was when the File System backup process was completed.

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