Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Demonstration IssueBuilder, A Digression into Templates

We just changed the properties for our two Headings – and made them the same.  Isn’t there an easier way to do this?

How to Create an IssueBuilder Template

After getting the settings correct in our IssueBuilder (Item) Properties screen for one of the Headings, we can save these to populate the various settings to ease the simplify and standardize the settings when we create additional IB items.

Click the Save as new template button and give it a descriptive name.  Such as “DemoIB - Headings”.  Click the OK button.

How to use the saved Templates

Remember the Templates simply load your preferences into the IB Properties screen. 


They simply change the default item options to match your request.

In our IB, click on the second Heading and open it’s properties.  Click on the down arrow in the Apply template field and choose your new Template.  Now the properties for both headings match.

How to change an existing Template

Now you’ve decided that you want the Font Size to be 48 in your Headings instead of the 36 that I chose.

You don’t want to add a new Template “DemoIB – Headings – 48 Font Instead of 36”.

Open the item that used that Template.  Choose the specific Template from the drop down list.  (Ensure you have chosen the correct Template and that the values in the Properties window are correct.)  Make your changes to the Item Properties.

Click the “Save as new template” button and type in exactly what is currently displayed in the Apply Template drop down field.

You will receive a warning about the existing template and do you want to replace it.  Chose appropriately.


You will need to apply this updated Template to any Items in your IB that you wish to modify.

Additional Information

I want to delete one (or in my case, twelve).  So where are these template files saved? 

To do this, you will need to use the File System (Windows Explorer, My Computer or other method).

First, close your case.

Second, browse to <DriveLetter>:\v_data\CaseID\ISSUE\IBTemplates.  Delete any that you no longer wish to be in the drop down list.

Since these are located in the CaseID directory, this obviously means two things.

  1. Templates do not extend across Visionary cases.
  2. You can copy-and-paste them from one case to another.

As always,

Please post any questions here as comments; remember, if you have a question so does someone else.  I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.


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