Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Demonstration IssueBuilder, Part Two–Headings

In Part One, we created our IB and added two Headings without explaining what Headings were and how we were using them in this situation.

What are Headings?

They are entries in an IB that provide additional information to the viewer of the IB.

They can be displayable or not, depending on the item settings.

They can be used to separate parts of your IB.

  • Before the Surgery, During the Surgery and After the Surgery
  • What happened in 1990, 1991, 1992, etc..
  • Steve’s view of the Event, Mary's view of the Event, etc.

Or, as in our IB, a way to provide the audience with references.

Set the Headings Properties

Since we want these two Headings to be displayed, we need to edit the default properties.

Select the first Heading (Sally Nealey Presentation in my IB) and open it’s properties.

  • Select it and right click, choose Properties
  • Or
  • Select it and press F4

There are a few things we need to change to make this appear as I wish.

  1. To the left of the big white area is a check box item “Show item

    1. Check that box.

    2. This causes whatever is the Item title (in my case “Sally Nealey
      Presentation” to be displayed on the court
  2. In the big white area, I want the Heading text to appear about 1/3 down the screen.
    1. Click in the white area and little handler squares will be displayed on the corners and the middle of the top, bottom and both sides.
    2. Put the cursor on the top, middle handler square and it will be displayed as an up/down two headed arrow.
    3. Click on the handler, hold and drag the two headed arrow down about 1/3 of the way.  Release the cursor.
    4. Now the Heading text will appear on the far left, about 1/3 down the screen.
  3. Now we need to change the text properties to make it visible and centered.
    1. Click the Item Title Font button.
      1. In the Font size: drop down list, change this to 36.
      2. In the Alignment: drop down list, change this to Center.
      3. Click the Ok button.

Here are what my properties look like


(At this point, feel free to play with your settings to find something that looks good to you.1)

Make the same changes to the second Heading in our IB.

Close your IssueBuilder.

Additional Information

1 Why did we choose these specific Font Properties?

  • Font size 36 is large enough to be visible on the screen.
  • The best all around font color is the default yellow.  Many DLP projectors do not render various other colors as they appear on monitors.  This yellow is the most stable.

I have exported this IB as it exists at this point in the process.  It is available as Demonstration IssueBuilder, Part Two – Headings.  This can be downloaded and imported into your case and will not overwrite your existing IB.

As always,

Please post any questions here as comments; remember, if you have a question so does someone else.  I will try to answer them as quickly as possible.


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