Friday, February 4, 2011

The Great Dallas Blizzard of '11

The "Worst Storm of the Century" really hit Dallas hard.

This is the view from our front door.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had to deal with icy roads.  Then Thursday night/Friday morning, we covered the icy roads with four inches of snow.

While school kids are enjoying not being in school, it has been too cold for most of them to be outside enjoying the snow day.

Meanwhile the adults have been between a rock and a hard place with having to decide to work and buy groceries or remain off the roads.

For those of us from the frozen northland (I'm from so far north, I still occasionally say "eh"), it truly has been old home week.

I do understand that it has been playing havoc with the Super Bowl expectations.  The visitors just aren't too excited about leaving their hotels to frequent the DFW offerings.

I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend and may your favorite team win the Super Bowl.  Or if they aren't playing, may your temporary favorite team win.


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