Thursday, February 3, 2011

V-Print CR Deliverable Files Information

When you choose the Delivery menu option, V-Print generates the files that you need. It also allows you to automatically e-mail and/or print the appropriate ones.

But it’s main purpose is to generate the necessary files. With that in mind, you would only use the Delivery option once per depo. In fact, you can choose to never use the automatic e-mail generation and printing from the Delivery window and be just fine.

Once you have used the Delivery option to generate all the files needed, you can close V-Print and complete all your printing, e-mailing, uploading, burning to cd/dvd, etc. without using V-Print.

You can generate an e-mail from your e-mail program and attach just the files needed by one client and create another e-mail and attach only the files needed by another client. You can open the full page .pdf file and print as many copies as needed. You can open the condensed .pdf file and print it once with the word index and once without the word index for different clients.

Once you have used the Delivery option, unless the depo is changed; there is never a reason to re-generate the files.

Does that explanation kind of give you a better overview of the Delivery process as implemented in V-Print?

The files that most of your clients are going to want, would be:
• The full page .pdf file, with the word index; for easy reading.
• The condensed .pdf file; for easy storage.
• The .vdf file for use in the Viewer program.
• The .txt file for use in trial presentation software and copy/paste into documents.
• If you have exhibits, the .vig file for use in the Viewer program or a trial presentation program.
• If you have exhibits, the .pdf files of the exhibits for easy storage or use in a trial presentation program.

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