Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To print out the deposition with the designations highlighted, you must set up and use the Fact DB.

Here is the process:
  1. Open your case, obviously.
  2. Choose the Facts tab on the Shortcut bar.
  3. Click the “Display Designations/Events/Issues/People table” icon next to the “X” for Delete.
  4. Select the Designations tab on the Fact window.
  5. Select one of the existing Descriptions and click the corresponding entry in the Font column.
  6. Choose how to visually discriminate these entries by selecting a Font, a Color and a Style.
    1. While a Color may be all that is needed, if you print on a B&W printer, your choice of Style will allow your printout to be useful.
  7. If you make any changes, so that you get a pencil icon, click on any other entry to write that record to the database.
  8. Now select the appropriate Q&A pair(s) for a designation.
  9. Right click on the selected text and choose, Fact Database, Added Selected Text.
  10. Accept the default description.
  11. On the Fact itself, select the Designations tab, then choose the appropriate entry; such as, Defense Direct, etc.
    1. Continue until all the designations that you are interested in, have been entered.
  12. Choose File, Print Transcript.
  13. Choose your printer.
  14. Choose the appropriate transcript.
  15. Set the Print Style to Mini 4 page Transcript.
  16. Choose all pages or only some.
  17. Check the box for Annotate Designations.
  18. Click the Print Preview to ensure you have chosen correctly.
  19. Print.

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