Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Transfer a Depo with a Presentation to Another Computer, Part One

So you are working on a deposition in the Visionary Viewer and you have created a clip list that plays back the important parts.  Maybe you even have an exhibit or two being displayed.  Now you want to take this "project" and use it on another computer.  You know that the clip list is kept locally on the computer that was used to create the presentation.

(Obviously clip list items have to be saved locally on the computer that created them, as it is quite likely the deposition information is on a cd/dvd and we just cannot write random things to a finalized disk.  Also obviously, your objection list is saved to the local computer as well.)

You can use the Viewer's File, Export, Transcript process.  In the window that asks where to save the file, there is a drop down "Save as type" field that allows you to select "Visionary Deposition File (*.vdf)".  Choose where to save this file.  When the export process completes, the new .vdf file will have the clip list (and the objection list) embedded.

You can verify this by opening this new .vdf file on another computer and you will see the clip list, and your objection list will exist.

If you open this new .vdf file on the same computer, you will receive a message warning you that there is already a clip list and/or an objection list for this depo on your local computer.  You then get the option to use whichever list you prefer.

Here's a link to the latest version of the Visionary Viewer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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