Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to Transfer a Depo with a Presentation to Another Computer, Part Two

Now that you have exported your most awesome Viewer presentation for use on another computer; what is the best method for delivering the entire project to the end-user?

In the previous write-up, we saw how easy it was to export the deposition with the two clip lists.  Now we want to create a single deliverable for our end-user.

If you have the Auto-Syncer, you are in luck.

Ensure the .vig file (if there is one) and the exported .vdf file are in the same directory.  Then in the Auto-Syncer, set that directory as the Case Folder and open that depo.  Chose the Layout cd/dvd option, let it run to completion, burn to disk and you are all done.

If you only have the Viewer disk for this deposition, it is only slightly more complicated.

First, copy everything off the disk to a directory on your computer.  Then replace the .vdf file in the \Data directory with the earlier exported .vdf file.  Now burn to disk and you are all done.

There you have it; two short and simple methods to get a depo with clips to the end user.

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