Friday, May 10, 2013

PDF conversion gives "Out of contiguous memory" error

You may receive a message about contiguous memory when you are using the Visionary 8 Professional; File, Import, Image/Document Files (Advanced) option to add pdf files to your case.

The error message indicates that during the pdf conversion portion of the import process, Visionary 8 Professional asked the Operating System (O/S) for a specific amount of memory and the O/S failed to provide it.

Knowing that, the (possible) solution is clear, free up (contiguous) memory.

While there are several possible solutions, the simplest is to reboot the computer.  Once the computer has finished booting up, launching the various startup processes and has settled down; launch Visionary 8 Professional and start the import process.

Do not launch other programs.  Especially things like internet browsers (I'm looking at you Chrome - which is currently using nearly .6 GB), email programs (such as Outlook).

You can even go into the system tray and close down syncing/backup processes like DropBox, Cubbies, etc.

The more things that are NOT running before launching Visionary 8 Professional, the less chance you will have problems importing your files.

However, there may be situations that you simply cannot use the Visionary 8 Professional pdf import process without receiving the error message.  In that situation, you may have to resort to using a program like Adobe's Acrobat.

Another option is to send the the data to our Production department and have them handle the export.  Using that method will allow you to focus on other, more important issues, knowing that you will receive a high quality data product.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via Live Chat, email (Support@ or Sales@), telephone or even snail mail.


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