Monday, September 8, 2014

How to create video clips from NON-SYNCED VIDEOOOOOOOO!

In keeping with the (ghostly) spirit of the season, here's a real treat.

Recently I was asked about playing clips in trial of a non-synced video file.

Well, Visionary 8 can do that.

Here's a quick write-up with the process.

First, use Windows Explorer to copy the video file in question to the <driveLetter>:\vs_data\CaseID\Video directory.

Then in your Visionary 8 case, use the File, Import, Video/MultiMedia File. Browse to and select this video file.  Give it a nice Description.

In the list of Other Multi-Media Files, double-click this video file to start it playing in the video window. Stop the video playback. (This step sets the active video file for non-synced video files.)

Next create an IssueBuilder.

Click on the Add Transcript Video Clip icon to bring up the Video Clip Editor window (it's the one that looks like a sheet of paper with a video camera on it).

There are several methods to set your start and stop points with the Editor.
  1. As your video is playing, click the Mark In at the start and the Mark Out at the end.
  2. Drag the scroll bar to the appropriate location and use the Mark In and Out buttons.
  3. Type in a value for thse two points.
  4. Use the (real) little up and down arrows to move the Mark In and Out points.
You can also use this to edit the start and stop points of the video clip.  The Play Start and Play End buttons play about five seconds of either the start or stop points.

(This is the same video editor that is used to trim regular (synced video) clips.)

Click the Save As New button.

Repeat as appropriate.

As always, drop me an email at if there are any questions or comments.


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