Friday, September 19, 2014

How to transfer a case, long version

Ok, I don't have a small case, no video, etc.

How do I transfer my case?

Ok, there are several options that can make your case transfer process easier.

Your process will be a take-off on the basic process, except we will peel out some portions.  (And handle your video files in a best practices manner.)

So, on the Backup Data window, uncheck the Image files and OCR files checkboxes before clicking the Backup button.

This will create a much smaller backup file (and finish much faster).

Once this finishes, we need to use Windows copy-and-paste process to grab the remaining files.

We want to copy the following directories from within our original CaseID directory:
  •  IMAGE (everything in here), you can zip this directory if that helps.
  • OCR (again, everything in here), you can also zip this directory if that helps.
  • VIDEO (again, everything in here), there is NO reason to zip this directory, it won't help.
These directories should be copied to your external drive.

Now on your laptop with the external drive connected, restore the case - same as before.

You will also need to copy the remaining files.

Since the case has been restored onto the laptop, you will have all the necessary directories laid out for you.

Copy (or unzip) the various files into their corresponding locations.

A tip is to keep the external drive with you, so that you do NOT need to copy the video files to another laptop in case of failure.

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